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about us

 The Mother...Lucia Asprinio
 The inspiration behind the candy. Lucia has been making these delightful candies for as long as she can remember. For years people told her to sell her candy but she emphatically said no. Her dedication was to her family,  making all her delicious recipes from main courses to desserts and sharing them. Being Italian it is only natural that most everything revolves around food. Her children agree that nothing compares to their mother's cooking.
The entire Asprinio Family loves to cook. Lucia's husband, who passed away 18 years ago, still has a reputation amongst friends as one of the original, true "foodies." She has been an inspiration to her grandson, Stephen Asprinio, who was one of the final contestants on the first season of Top Chef.  At 88, Lucia's passion for food is as strong as ever, and much to her delight her kids have taken over in the kitchen allowing her to sit back and enjoy.
The Brother... Tom Asprinio
The drive behind the sales, letting everyone know who Tesoro Confectioners is and what they have to offer. Tom's experience in sales began back in his father's designer costume jewelry business, where he thrived for over 30 years within the industry until it moved overseas. At a time when most people have settled in to a career Tom had to re-invent himself and went in to the mortgage business. Unfortunately with the position the economy is in, Tom had to make another life changing decision. His love of food led him to start thinking how he could make a career out of something he is so passionate about. Since sales are second nature, it was only a matter of time to figure out which of his mothers fabulous recipes would sell. In this tough economy, candy sales are strong, it puts a smile on everyone's face when life can be hard. It was only natural that his mother's candy recipe was top on the list, he encouraged his younger sister to come aboard and so the story goes...
The Sister... Lucia (Ann) Asprinio
The creative force within Tesoro Confectioners. Before going in the candy business, Lucia was a product manager for a custom invitation company in Milford, MA. After 20 years she was told the company would be shutting down. Like her brother, she now had to decide what direction to take. Her experience in design and marketing transitioned easily in to this new venture. She came up with the name Rhode Island Rocks on one of her long commutes home, thinking that the candy resembled a rock, and also Rhode Island does ROCK as the Ocean State. As her brother concentrates on sales, she is focused on public relations.
As a single parent, having her own company gives her the flexibility to be there for her kids, Emma, 18 and Ian, 14. She is dedicated to making the business thrive and working side by side with Tom, there looks like there is no stopping them. 

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